Steiners Jewelry is an independent family business and we work with independent jewelry crafts- man worldwide. Many of our business relations, including a handful that our grandfather and fa- ther established, are generational family jewelry artisans. We continue to seek out jewelry trades- men who share the same jewelry love—beautiful, handcrafted, individualized heirlooms which can be passed down for generations. We hand select


diamonds and exotic gemstones, and commission our collections so we can provide lovely jewelry pieces to adorn you.

Steiners Jewelry wishes that everyone feels joy when they glance at a favorite sapphire and dia- mond ring or catch the sparkle of a diamond pendant in the mirror or appreciate the rich- ness of a gold bracelet when reaching for a cell

phone. Yet more importantly, jewelry represents love, and jewelry is a reminder of love. And that’s our hope each time you wear and behold your cherished jewelry.

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