History of Steiners Jewelry

The story of Steiner’s Jewelry really begins with a boy and his love for bicycles. The year is 1934 and 15-year-old Ted Steiner has made quite a reputation for himself as the neighborhood bicycle wonder in San Francisco. Having a knack for being able to take a bike down to its parts and reassemble, Ted’s hobby soon blossomed into a strong repair business. His talent caught the attention of the local watch making trade shop, and Ted was asked to apprentice for the owner. Ted learned quickly and opened his own shop in 1937, the first location of Steiner’s Jewelry. 

Having to close the shop to serve in the Air Force in WWII, Ted applied his watchmaker’s skills by

working on the clocks of the airplanes. After the war, he decided to open his business again, on Third Avenue in San Mateo. True to other shops of the times, the shop had not only a selection of beautiful jewelry and watches, but also a fine selection of household items like toasters and blenders. It wasn’t long before Ted’s personal nature and passion for timepieces and beautiful jewelry steered Steiner’s Jewelry into what we are now.

Today at Steiner’s Jewelry, we remember our roots and strive to maintain the level of excellence established by Ted Steiner in 1937. With family businesses becoming rarer these days, we are proud to be in the third generation of ownership.

The exterior of the store has changed, but we still operate based on the principals established in 1937. Relationships, values and passion for fi ne jewelry and timepieces are what our business has always been at the core.

Having served the community for over six decades, we cherish the extended relationships we have made and look forward to new beginnings in the future by offering only the finest in diamonds, colored gemstones and finished heirlooms.